Thursday, May 6, 2010

Domino’s proves bold is beautiful! Innovation abounds in retailfood service.

If success leaves clues Domino’s with same store sales up 14.3% is living proof that bold leadership can win both the hearts and minds of the consumers and Wall Street.

Patrick Doyle, Domino’s CEO and President said “A remarkably better pizza, and our honesty in how we told consumers about it, is paying off with a revitalized overall category – with Domino's leading that trend. We couldn't be more pleased with the success of our New and Inspired Pizza."

Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food is garnering attention around the country and Domino’s did not sit back and accept the status quo. They stepped up, made major changes to the core product and won.

Innovation in abounds in retail foodservice. Innovation is not for restaurant chains only. Take a glimpse at what else is new on the menu around the country:

Sweetgreen, a frozen yogurt truck in Washington, D.C.: oatmeal with red and white quinoa with brûléed brown sugar. Toppings: cinnamon-baked apples, scone crumbles.

Los Angeles’s LA Mill: creamy, cinnamon-spiced polenta with cajeta, candied pecans and whipped cream.

Bloop food cart in Portland, Oregon: oats with almond milk, agave nectar and pie spices; oats with peanut butter, banana and almonds.

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