Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food rhetoric vs. crude facts.

Consumers are responding to the lower price point offering in the quick causal and casual dinning sector. While full service restaurants are seeing customers returning and special occasion dinning on the up tick. There is a confluence of events that may disrupt the positive trend we all are enjoying. Pundits looking at short term trends are all predicting a rosy outlook for 2011.

Three specific issue will drive the continue rebound. It’s the confluence of the three that has the power to derail retail foodservice sales growth.

1. Housing price’s continue to decline.

2. Gasoline price are on the rise and any prolonged fuel price above $3.75 a gallon will halt progress.

3. Uncertainty in the public employee sector over job cuts, wage & benefit reductions will foster a saving mentality that is not pro-retail foodservice.

With the cost of food commodity prices on the rise and pre announced food price increases foretold. It just very well could be Crude Oil will hold the future of food retailing success in 2011.

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