Monday, August 8, 2011

Casey’s General Store positioning itself too capture ready-2-eat food market share.

America’s heartland may very well lead in reshaping the face and scope of retail foodservice in the United Sates. Casey’s General Store, the first convenience store to offer pizza back in 1984 began testing pizza deliver this year.

Casey’s 1650+ stores are located in Americas heartland with exceptional leadership Casey’s has been growing both the top and bottom line while adding new units with success. Bill Walljasper Casey’s CFO understands the financial metrics of success and that consumer are dynamic not static. Casey’s is leveraging location centric metrics with industry trends into top line growth and bottom line profits all the while capturing market share.

With 1650+ units Casey’s has solid financial backing. Legacy retail food operators must understand that Casey’s successful push with ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat food is an industry complement to Amazons urban push into food. Those who follow this blog on a regularly understand that the rate of change in retail foodservice has accelerated. The undercurrent from this change will sweep some legacy players out to sea. Casey’s is leveling the playing filed and has much to offer today’s consumer than pizza.

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