Friday, April 5, 2013

Welcome Back KFC

How long has it been since you visited your local KFC?  You needed a reason or a reminder, right? We think KFC is following our advice and becoming consumer relevant once again. If you were to harken back to the days KFC was called Kentucky Fried Chicken. That was a time KFC was garnering new customer daily with Take-Out buckets of Ready-2-Eat chicken.  The world fell in love with a time saving alternative to cooking.  Could that have been the beginning of the rise of the Grocerant niche?  We think so.

It’s great to see two examples where KFC is getting back to its roots vertically integrating Foodservice Solutions® 5 P’s of food marketing: Product, Packaging, Placement, Portability and Price.  In our ever evolving foodservice world, the 5 P’s of food marketing are becoming even more important. Welcome back KFC! It looks to us at Foodservice Solutions® your refocusing on the grocerant niche and the customer. 
 First, KFC announced the introduction of Li’L Bucket Kids Meals.  Which are packaged in “a kid-friendly version of KFC’s iconic bucket, the Li’l Bucket Kids Meals come complete with a Kentucky Grilled Chicken® drumstick, green beans, a GoGo squeeZ™ applesauce on the go and a Capri Sun Roarin’ Water. (This meal has 210 calories, 4 grams of fat and 565 mg of sodium).”
Focused on the hallmarks of the grocerant niche  customization and personalization the “Li’l Bucket Kids Meals can be customized with other chicken choices, homestyle sides and drink options … Diners have a choice between a Kentucky Grilled Drumstick, four Original Recipe® Bites, an Extra Crispy™ Tender”
Second, KFC in the UK & Ireland announced a partnership with mobile shopping solutions provider AIRTAG to launch fast-food chains first-ever mobile, web app for ordering and payments.  What took so long? Success does leave clues and one clue is the customer is dynamic not static and brands must be too.

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