Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time-Share, Hotel Room or Home, Fresh Food is Getting Quick n Easy

Are you attending yet another tradeshow in Las Vegas? Taking the family on a get-a-way at your time-share?  After standing up on the Las Vegas convention center floor in the same spot all day, or simply waking the floor you are in no mood to go out and stand in line once again for dinner? 

Not to worry with the launch of Quick n Easy Couriers you have a new affordable way to rest, eat and get off your feet.  Quick n Easy Couriers is customized just for its customers. Currently with over 2,000 SKU’s in stock Quick n Easy is grocery food delivery that “stocks their online store with new products based on customer requests and can deliver products from multiple stores.”

Traveling to Las Vegas Quick n Easy Couriers offers a superior grocery delivery service at a fraction of the cost of other grocery delivery services with an unlimited number of potential items.  There is no charge to open an account simply visit:  www.quickneasylv.com then you can follow Quick n Easy Couriers on Facebook and receive additional discounts on select items, go to www.facebook.com/quickneasylv.

Quick n Easy Couriers platform offers a dynamic user experience and offers products based on customer demand - not supply. If you don't see your favorite brand, you can simply submit an email request to info@quickneasylv.com to have the item added within 24 hours.

The next time you are visiting Las Vegas in a Hotel Room, Time-share or staying with friends create your own welcome mat order from Quick n Easy in fact you can order up too two weeks in advance. So, get off your feet, put your feet up and enjoy your next trip it just might be Quick n Easy.

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