Thursday, August 25, 2016

Look In the Frozen Food Court for a Baskin-Robbins Treat

Success does leave clues and today consumers demand the availability of their favorite brands where and when they want them.  Legacy retail brands the ilk of Baskin-Robbins has found that consumers want to buy their ice cream in the frozen food court at their local grocery store as well as in their retail outlets.
In order to give the customers what they want Dunkin’ Brands, the parent of Baskin-Robbins, partnered with Boardwalk Frozen Treats to make that happen.  So very soon you will be able to by the legacy ice cream from your local grocery stores including many favorites, such as mint chocolate chip and pralines and cream. 
Boardwalk Frozen Treats CEO Dave Owens stated “The extension of restaurant brands into grocery stores is a relatively recent development, mostly in the past 20 years. The motivation is to build brand ubiquity and consumption in all channels where food is sold. Dunkin’ Brands had great success introducing Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee into grocery stores in 2007, so pursuing a similar strategy for Baskin-Robbins made sense.”

Owens noted that the power of the brand comes from the fact that “Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest ice cream chain with more than 7,700 scoop shops, including 2,500-plus in the U.S. Brand awareness is 89% nationwide, among the highest among ice cream brands. When Baskin-Robbins pints are placed on grocery shelves, consumers immediately recognize the brand proposition….
Baskin-Robbins is an all-family and all-American brand, and retailers understand the importance of appealing to that demographic. Baskin-Robbins spends approximately $25 million annually on marketing and T.V. advertising, which keeps the brand front and center in consumers’ minds and buyers appreciate that support”
Baskin-Robbins understand that the consumers is dynamic not static and continues to evolve by adding  novelties, including ice cream sandwiches and bars, which will serve additional consumer eating occasions. Baskin-Robbins will expand beyond grocery stores and supermarkets into other retail channels including mass merchants, club stores, drug stores and convenience stores.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where to get black walnut ice cream. I can only get it when I drive into Chicago. I live in Dekalb IL.