Thursday, February 25, 2021

Is High End Convenience Store Foxtrot the Next Big Thing


You want what when? You name it, Foxtrot the Chicago based high end retailer that focuses on delivery, just raised another $42 Million dollars, to give convenience store customers in ‘up-scale’ neighborhoods just what they want and when according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Foxtrot, currently operates just eight stores in Chicago and Dallas, expects to add as many as nine stores in those cities by the end of 2021, and expand into new markets including select Washington, D.C. neighborhoods. So, we ask is Foxtrot the next big thing?

Consumers don’t care if big name investors the ilk of celebrity chef and restaurateur David Chang, sweetgreen co-founder and CCO Nicolas Jammet and former CEO of Whole Foods Walter Robb invested. 

Consumers do care about 60-minute delivery, including wine, Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food, and meal components that can be bundled into the perfect mix & matched meal for one, two, or three.

Consumers do care about Foxtrot’s line of private label packaged goods and gift offerings, that can be delivered within an hour. They also care about cashierless instore checkout, fast service, never out of stock staples, and good prices.  Even high end customers want to maintain the price, value, service equilibrium.

CEO and Co-founder Mike LaVitola stated “With this new round of funding and an incredibly strong executive team now fully in place, we see 2021 as a year of tremendous growth for Foxtrot,” … “We have built a business that marries the local approach of a corner store with the convenience of e-commerce. We know how our stores operate best and in which markets, which is where we’ll be going deep with our expansion efforts next. We also look forward to showcasing to customers coast-to-coast what Foxtrot is all about as we continue to roll out shipping nationwide.” 

Here is a little background; “Foxtrot combines an upscale corner store and café with app-based purchasing that makes its entire inventory available for delivery in under an hour. Foxtrot derives its revenue equally between online sales and in-store purchases. The brand’s delivery model has been central to its customer service strategy since inception, making Foxtrot uniquely positioned for strength during the pandemic. In 2020, company sales increased over 100% fueled by consistent year-over-year growth across channels. Of that growth, according to the company, 55% derives from retail, largely from same-stores sales, and over 200% from e-commerce, driven by 100% increase in app downloads.”

Yes, Foxtrot stores offer a full-service café, sommelier-curated wine shop, and unique gift bundles for every occasion. In addition to grocery staples, Foxtrot stores offer a full-service café, sommelier-curated wine shop, and unique gift bundles for every occasion via on-demand delivery and in its tech-enabled brick and mortar stores. Select gift bundles are also currently available in Foxtrot’s Ship Shop, which will continue to add offerings as it expands its nationwide shipping capabilities. How much room is there for high-end convenience meals, gifts, and snacks?  We think enough to get to 200+ units.  Then what? What do you think?

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