Monday, December 11, 2023

Food Retailers Looking A Customer Ahead with Voice AI Integration


Technology matters and if you are ‘Looking A Customer Ahead’ you should be looking at Voice AI Integration into you retail foodservice operation, according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food continues to drive customer migration in all sectors of food retail. As the popularity of diverse pickup preferences rises, quick-service restaurant employees must simultaneously manage drive-thru’s, mobile orders, curbside pickup, and dine-in service. Today, your employees are expected to manage these points and maintain consistent and welcoming service across all touchpoints, presenting a considerable challenge.

If you want to continue to deliver the outstanding service that customers expect, it is important for operators to invest in technology that bridges gaps among touchpoints. Restaurants gain increased efficiency when staff are more connected, leading to faster, more accurate service, and an overall better customer experience.

Scott Mullica, senior director of product management and innovation for HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications, stated, “Communication platforms must provide technology that seamlessly integrates with voice AI.

Mullica continued, “Choosing a communication platform with voice AI integration helps future-proof a restaurant, setting it up for success whenever the time comes to upgrade,” ... “Other communication solutions on the market need additional audio boxes or conversions to integrate with your voice AI provider, but NEXEO | HDX provides for a seamless integration for both on premise and cloud-based solutions.” Plus, advanced telemetry continuously monitors and evaluates the system interconnection to ensure it is always operating at peak performance.

Effective restaurant communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, and NEXEO | HDX takes it to the next level. “Unlike other platforms on the market, our solution enables seamless communication across critical areas of your entire operation,” says Mullica. “Even if you’re not quite yet on the market for AI-driven ordering, NEXEO | HDX provides the ability to communicate one-to-one with custom defined groups and individuals, get critical alerts from the timer, and more,” Mullica says.

NEXEO | HDX is uniquely designed to improve efficiency at every customer touchpoint, offering a total solution for inside and outside the restaurant. Group communication, for example, allows employees to have a separate conversation between the kitchen team and the front counter without disturbing drive-thru communication. “Independent group conversations are custom defined to your restaurant needs, reduce the noise clutter, and improve team collaboration,” says Mullica. Additionally, one-to-group calls allow employees to be fully engaged in their roles while remaining connected to other areas of the restaurant through their own private channel, which has demonstrated to be invaluable to drive-thru line-busting teams.

One-to-one communication is well-suited for coaching new employees. Managers can privately speak with trainees to offer additional guidance and celebrate progress. “Discreet coaching improves real-time performance and customer satisfaction while maintaining higher staff morale,” says Mullica. The platform also sends alerts and reminders only to particular team members or groups, ensuring that critical information is delivered to the right person every time while eliminating interruptions to others.

Technology in the restaurant industry is undergoing rapid evolution to meet consumer demands for fast and efficient service across multiple order and pickup points. “Restaurant operations have evolved and so should the solutions that support them,” says Mullica. “The NEXEO | HDX platform continuously evolves to help operators stay on top of technology change and future-proof their entire store base. As their business and technology needs grow, NEXEO | HDX grows with them delivering advanced technology and functionality to support their ever-changing needs.” –Olivia Schuster

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