Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caffeine for the captive, Disney moves forward.

Traditional food retailers can edify consumers while building brand value together. An intriguing new relationship was born that will edify two of America’s best known brands Starbucks and Disney. Long faulted for limiting choice of food offerings within its theme parks and practicing food brand protectionism, Disney has shifted gears.

These two global brands both with outstanding leaders within the fresh and prepared ready-2-eat grocerant niche announced an alliance that I am sure over time will reach around the globe. This is another key turning point in the growth of the grocerant niche. This is an example where two very strong global brands create synergy to meet or exceed consumer demand without diminishing individual brand value.

My friend and founder CEO of Technomic may have said it best. "I don't expect to see Mickey drinking coffee any time soon,"….. "But from a marketing perspective, you have two iconic brands coming together, which has to be a positive."  From my perspective Starbucks belongs on Main Street USA.

Hand held food for immediate consumption have been a mainstay on Main Street US.  The new branded Starbucks offerings will complement and enrich the consumer experience for both brands.  Where does your brand belong?  Do you need positioning, placement or brand building ideations?

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