Friday, January 2, 2015

Aldi’s Success is a Simple Invitation to Customers

Cultivating a brand is a full time job.  Dynamic brands evolve with consumers and consumers are dynamic not static.  Aldi is dynamic not static. With customers, quality, and price top of mind Aldi is expanding locations rapidly, expanding product offering strategically, and tactically targeting product trial. Are you? Have you considered finding success in the Grocerant Niche as your counter move to Aldi?

If success leaves clues let’s take a look at what Aldi is doing so well of late.  Bill Bishop, Chief Architect at Brick Meets Click complied the following this list:

1.        Run their own version of a weekly circular, complete with temporary price reductions and every-Wednesday meat deals.

2.       Drop two coupons for $5 off a $30 purchase via direct mail and newspaper inserts in Minnesota — one before Thanksgiving and the other mid-December.

3.       Offer seasonal items that deliver the delight of discovery much like Costco or even Trader Joe's.

4.       Issue a photo-filled holiday catalog featuring recipes from a variety of chefs in the Aldi Test Kitchens.

5.       Conduct a test for accepting all major credit cards at stores in Minnesota and the Sycracuse, N.Y., area. Aldi started accepting credit cards in the UK in October 2014.

Building brand value begins with and invitation.  Clearly Aldi is extending an invitation to customers not only to try shopping Aldi, but inviting current shoppers to expand their experience and enhance special holiday occasions by offering new targeted specials. No other food retailer in the United States has grown faster, built more stores than Aldi in the in the past five years.  I believe they will open more stores than any other grocer in the next five years as well.  Success does leave clues and Aldi is one company to watch.  specializes in outsourced business development. We can help you identify, quantify and qualify additional food retail segment opportunities or a brand leveraging integration strategy.  Foodservice Solutions® of Tacoma WA is the global leader in the Grocerant niche since 1991 Contact:

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