Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shrinking the Grocery Store for Success in an Expanded Marketplace

If a Vancouver, British Columbia entrepreneur gets his way your next trip to the grocery store will be in the lobby of your condo. In a hurry up, time starved world Happy Vending owner Jason Moyal thinks the futuristic new  vending machines, which are stocked with staples like milk, eggs and coffee, will be the a profitable solution consumer will be attracted too. 

Moyal’s plans include offering up healthy fresh food options along with staples too drive rapid consumer adoption in order to expand his business from the 6-10 machines in Metro Vancouver to other cities in Canada then tackle the United States. 

Moyal describes it this way “We bring the grocery store into your property. Let’s say that you live in a high-rise building and you want to start your Sunday brunch and you need your milk or eggs or bacon. You will have the opportunity to just go downstairs to the lobby and swipe your credit card and get all the essential groceries that you need.” It just that simple. 

Moyal modelled his vending machines on similar machines found in Europe, the grocery vending machines will be installed exclusively in Metro Vancouver high-rises during the early test. “

That’s not all making things even more convenient is an app Moyal is developing for residents who live in buildings with Happy Vending machines. The app will list all of the products currently stocked, and will eventually allow residents to pay for items using ApplePay.

Technology is being utilized to allow restocking and inventory control. When pressed about milk edpiring within the machine Moyal went on to explain “technology in the machines can tell when items are set to expire, and Moyal says he can apply a discount to encourage people to buy them. If an item is within days of expiring, he says he’ll swap it out entirely.

During the rollout and testing period Moyal is empowering consumers to have input when it comes to choosing what to stock them with, condo dwellers can have their say. In addition to researching the top-selling items in corner stores, Moyal says his company will send a survey to all residents to give feedback on what products they want.” 

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