Saturday, September 19, 2009

Richtree Market Restaurants Compelling Components

Recently I was contacted from a senior industry leader who went on and on about Richtree Market Restaurants. He called because he know that I blog about Grocerants, prepared food, quality ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat better for you portable food. My friend has a family of 6, and while traveling with his sons Hockey team he came across Richtree Market Restaurants. Highlights were the authentic freshness of the food. The visceral appeal of the food, he could not stop talking about. The international menu provided the ability to please everyone within the family. The ability to get food to tack back to the Hockey arena and hotel room, yes portable as well; can we say Grocerant again!
This fun filled restaurant is an advanced cross between the earliest Fuddruckers and Eatzi’s. Where consumer found bountiful displays of food, flavor, aroma and all were so interactive and participatory.
Filled with energy and innovation based on authentic global flavors this concept is a natural fit within the Grocerant niche. Richtree does not try to be all things to everyone but in fact tries to be truthful to the originating country or region of the world with regard to flavor and preparation. Located in Toronto Canada this is a success clue for many to watch. You can find out more about them at:

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  1. This type of restaurant would be a natural partner with a client of mine: Intelity Corp.
    The have touch screen software for the hospitality vertical.