Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Price Value, Service, equilibrium is resetting in retail foodservice.

The price, value, service equilibrium is resetting in Grocery stores, Restaurants and Convenience stores. Each is reconfiguring their ready-to-eat ready-to-heat offerings prepared, portable, better for you food in the grocerant niche. Have you been racing to the lower and lower price points? Why? The race to bottom, only provides a longer road to the top.

If incentive is not a dollar value; what might it be in your niche?

1. Speed of customer service or delivery

2. Freshness of product

3. Portion size

4. Availability

5. Limited time offer-sample new product

6. Minimal packaging / or green packaging

7. Lower salt, Lower fat, lower calories

8. Consistency

William Gibson quote: “The future has already arrived; it’s just not evenly distributed.”

The future is here the paths are clear and if you not maintain marketshare or growing, you just might be missing out on what others understand. Should you be looking for new products, packaging and or consumer price points that will drive traffic? Have you noticed a discontinuity in consumer food shopping behavior? How are addressing the competitive industry food fight for share of stomach?

What is role does Incentive play in your consumer’s decision to buy food. Most importantly, what role does it play in going back to the same location or your brand, time and time again? Grocerant program assessments can identify, qualify and quantify non-discounting incentives or program opportunities.

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