Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visceral attractiveness for Grab & Go prepared food is as important as cleanliness.

Restaurants specifically Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s) understand consumer contemporary relevance. The most frequent consumers are more visceral engaged on a daily basis. They are in fact visceral a tuned, plugged in, online or utilizing mobile texting at the fastest rate ever.

Visceral attractiveness in décor for Food retailers is as important as cleanliness. Grab & Go grocerant meal components must be displayed in a viscerally attractive way your sales may be left out in the cold.

McDonalds is testing its own proprietary entertainment network billed as “McDonalds Channel at 19 units currently. With wifi in must units around the US currently this program will ““will entice the customer to sit down and enjoy their meal — and perhaps to stay a little longer.” Competitor Burger King had introduced flat screen tabletops and reportedly will rollout the program nation wide.

Convenience stores and grocery stores will need to install at minimum digital signage in the “deli” or ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat sections of there stores. In part to tell the brand story, in part to relay contemporize relevance and most importantly to show case the food. Visceral attractiveness and consumer relevance are moving forward hand in hand.

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  1. so did you actually outsource this blog? i am finding it now slightly less personal and just ever so slightly unintelligible...

    what changed?

  2. I have been having a problem posting the blog. The Cut & Paste sometimes acts up. I'm sorry for not re-checking after each post this week. I have been traveling for work.