Saturday, January 1, 2011

Convenience stores continue consumer relevance in 2011.

The conveniences store sector will continue new unit growth and industry consolidation well into 2011. That consolidation which we were first to point out last year is creating a consumer foodservice battle field in Florida in 2011.

Florida a state with continued high unemployment, a low minimum wage, falling home prices has attracted QSR’s from every niche. In 2011 the convenience store sector is out to steal share of stomach from QSR’s, Grocery stores and Dollar stores. Wawa will open several units in Florida, the first in that state. Wawa is the per-store sales leader within the C-store sector and leader in fresh prepared food sales. Wawa’s quality food offerings, customer focused service and competitive pricing will ensure continued success and consumer acceptance.

7 Eleven has been remodeling stores, and recently acquired 183 units that they plan to remodel and introduce their new fresh food pairings. 7 Eleven is finding success in fresh food like much of the rest of the C-store industry. The ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat grocerant food niche is driving consumer frequency while building consumer brand loyalty.

7 Eleven, bundled with potential but constrained by self imposed legacy operating guidelines, franchisee minimalist investments mindset and roller grill mentality may capture the low end customer but not the hearts and minds of the Florida’s consumer.

Casey’s general stores while not entering Florida will continue with their Midwest expansion. Casey’s

fueled with new consumers attracted by the new ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat fresh and prepared food grocerant style offerings will monitor what’s working in Florida. Then implement that success within their system better than any other player.

While legacy QSR’s and legacy grocery store operators scoff that the prospect of losing consumer to the convenience stores sector 2011. This year may prove tool be an eye opening experience for many.

Grocery stores, Restaurants and Convenience stores are all scurrying to reposition their menu mix of better for you prepared food to garner an increase in share of stomach. Competitive may not be a strong enough word for the battle between sectors and companies for share of stomach. The Grocerant niche is where all the action is consisting of better for you prepared portable ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food it about share of stomach and the convenience store sector is going after it.

Florida is where the action will be in 2011 for the consumer share of stomach. Winn Dixie, Publix, Burger King and Subway will all be focusing on core consumers in a dramatic battle for contemporary consumer relevance.

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