Sunday, March 20, 2011

European’s food retailers utilize relevant metrics for success.

With an aging population during the 1990’s European food retailers began bundling smaller portion, mix and match meal combo’s and the grocerant niche was born. Loaded with 20 years of success leveraging and bundling quality food in new and alternate points of distribution Groupe LeDuff SA is prepared to make it mark in the US.

LeDuff can succeed here in the US first because they are not burdened with running a company utilizing outdated financial metrics. LeDuff unlike many American Hedge funds, understands companies, brands, and a niche’s are not static they are dynamic.

Creating synergies among and within foodservice brands is what LeDuff is very good at. Leveraging their commercial bakery business the United States and Canada which specializes in artisan breads, croissants and pastries only plays to there strength. Look for other global companies too enter the US this way as well.

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