Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fresh & Easy getting better and not going away.

Fresh & Easy is owned by Tesco. Tesco is a British company and one of the world’s largest food retailers. Fresh & Easy is not burden with the copy cat mentality that seems to be over flowing in the US foodservice sector. Sure there have been some miss steps early on, but they are learning fast. What the heck, they are trying new things and the American consumer is very forgiving.

With a smaller food-print than most legacy US food retailers l be a long term advantage. What the consumer do not want is more copy cat companies or follow the leader market positioning food companies.

I think that Fresh & Easy with a consumer centric focus will not only do well but very well may lead a blended niche for years to come. Fresh & Easy is helping the Grocerant niche grow both top line sales and bottom line profits.

Fresh & Easy is becoming what Eatzi’s and Boston Market both wanted to become. That is the consumer’s first choice for ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat food. The latter two both got stuck in a quagmire of their own creation and lost focus of the customer. The both relented to legacy metrics defined by Wall Street or industry niche and tried please the street with non relevant consumer focused metrics.

Key to the success for Fresh & Easy is packaging size, bundled meal components, ready-to-cook flavored meats, and a blend of quality private label and branded fresh products.

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