Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fast Casual Take-Out Rutter’s Gets It.

Bold flavors, catering to local taste and traditions Rutter’s continues to add value to its menu while edifying current customers.  If growing customer frequency with new menu items that can be personalized with customization is a success clue, Rutter’s picked that clue up.
Once again Rutter's Farms Stores has added value to its menu with the introduction of the pastrami burger melt and mini tacos.
The new Rutter's pastrami burger melt is 50% Reuben sandwich, 50% patty melt. It's a standard Rutter's burger topped with pastrami and Thousand Island dressing and the choice of cheese grilled together and served on a Kaiser roll.  With grocerant niche understanding every sandwich at Rutter's, the pastrami burger melt can be customized to individual tastes by adding any of Rutter's fresh toppings.
The mini tacos will appear on the menu as an appetizer, as well as on its new Rutter's value menu, which the retailer rolled out last month. The mini tacos will be served with salsa and available five tacos to an order for $1.99 all part of the successful mix and match grocerant niche meal component bundling regular readers of this blog have come to learn about.

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