Saturday, September 14, 2013

Non-Foodies Provide Valuable Insights Leveraging Big Data.

Foodservice Solutions® cross functional, multi-discipline team has been thriving in our Omni-channel retail environment. With a focus on the rapidly expanding Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh food space aka the grocerant niche Foodservice Solutions® outside eyes have been leaving success clues. Today’s clues come from GE utilizing big data that  closely mirrors our findings.

The Foodservice Solutions® was thrilled and please to read the results from GE Appliances advanced development engineers insights into “Home of 2025”.  The goal of the “Home of 2025” project was to go beyond the typical cycle horizon of three to five years. 

GE’s team stated that they "We conceptualized how we will prepare meals, wash clothes and interact with information as families over the next dozen years."

Here is some of what they found:

The death of one-purpose appliances: Much like the smartphone has become a TV, a navigation system and a phone, so will appliances integrate disparate functions into uber-appliances. This becomes more important as sizes of homes and apartments continue to shrink.

The supermarket goes the way of the video store ... and the milkman returns: Smart appliances perform inventory management and automatically place online orders for food. As consumers desire more fresh food delivered to their home, refrigeration units can be installed with access outside of your home, so you need not be present for delivery.

Honey, I ate the houseplant: As the desire for fresh food grows, indoor plants become a food source as synthetic beehives provide pollination.

Aging in place: As older consumers rely on fewer people to take care of them, appliances that take biometric information and dispense medication can mean independence for many years to come.

Foodservice Solutions® regular readers of this blog know we regularly predicted similar change.  While we believe that grocery stores and supermarkets will be around in 2025 we believe the largest food retailer in the United States will be Walgreens in 2025. Since 1991 Foodservice Solutions® has been the leader in the grocerant niche.  Contact us via Email at: Johnson, or

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