Monday, October 13, 2014

Better For You Fast-Food Deli with Star Power

When Norbi Ference Schobert developed Update 1 the Hungarian healthy fast-food deli in 2004 his goal was first offer ‘better for you’ food fast.  Secondly, he wanted to develop a chain that could one day offer ‘better for you’ fast-food globally. He is now one step closer to his goal.
Last week Update 1 announced they have a new franchisee and global ambassador in the eight-time Grand Slam tennis winner Andre Agassi. The legendry tennis ace planning to make a new chain of the Hungarian healthy fast-food delis a smash hit in England and Germany where he committed to opening 50 units of Update 1.
The eight-time Grand Slam winner has served up a left-field move by fronting the new venture by Budapest-based health food specialist Update 1.
The company plans to open 50 franchised “low carb bistro delis” across the UK by 2019 The delis include a bakery, organic coffee, gluten-free products and ranges of health foods, as well as a healthy fast food takeaway that will include low-fat pizzas and burgers.

Agassi stated “the venture would help his ambition to assist in the fight against obesity. I have long believed that exercise, plus the right nutrition and diet, are essential to long-term mental and physical health.”

Update 1 is a chain of 100 health food shops throughout Europe. Self-styled ‘health king’ Norbi Ference Schobert stated “Update 1 has been proven to help people lose weight without them needing to give up their favorite food items.”

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