Sunday, January 18, 2015

Food Industry Facts Most Over Looked

Foodservice Solutions® team was recently asked what are the top five insights you have for food retailers today?  While they are obvious to our team and our clients we thought you should have a look as well. Regular readers will have read about all of these many times. 

So here they are: 

1.       Don’t be fooled.   QSR’s continue to be the largest sector for restaurant sales,
2.       Price matters as prices rise, sale slow, 

3.       Small plates and appetizers drive frequency over ‘better for you’ entrees, products,

4.       Employees matter.  If your employee turnover is above 100% a year for hourly workers you are operating like a company of yesterday not a company of tomorrow, 

5.       Discovery remains a driving factor in ‘choice’ for both Millennials and Gen Z customers of today and tomorrow.

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