Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Arby's Price Drives Sales

Foodservice Solutions®, Grocerant Guru® an ardent practitioner of the 5 P’s of Food Marketing,  advocates for customer interactive participation, transparent marketing, fresh local sustainable food products, new non-traditional points of fresh food distribution insist that Price Matters. 

When Arby’s introduced Sliders, a lineup of mini sandwiches featuring five of the same high-quality proteins offered on the core menu: roast beef, chicken, corned beef, ham, and jalapeño roast beef. The team at Foodservice Solutions® knew they would be a hit. 

During the month of September, Arby’s guests responded to the mini meat marvels by purchasing 29 million of them that is nearly 1 million Sliders per day and roughly 300 Sliders sold daily per Arby’s restaurant across America. Remember our Grocerant Guru® says any menu item can be deemed a snack or meal and in this case Price was the driving force. 

Here are some stats Arby’s provided proving good things come in small packages:
  • The most Sliders sold in a single day was 1,494 in Jasper, Alabama on September 18.
  • The combined weight of all Sliders sold in September equals the weight of five Statues of Liberty.
  • If you were to eat one Slider per day, it would take you 79,452 years to consume the 29 million Sliders Arby’s sold in September.
  • Arby’s sold enough Sliders in September to feed the entire population of one of the world’s most populous cities, Shanghai, and still have 3 million Sliders left over.
  • Sliders have a been a major hit across America, but there were specific states that showed extra love for specific meats:
·         The state with the most Roast Beef Slider orders was South Carolina.
·         Chicken Sliders had more action in Connecticut than any other state.
·         New Yorkers love their Corned Beef, and that trend continued  with more Corned Beef
  • Sliders ordered in New York than any other state.
·         The state with the most Ham orders was North Dakota.
·         Guests in New Mexico ordered more Jalapeno Roast Beef Sliders than any other state.

Rob Lynch, CMO and Brand President of Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. stated: “Sliders combine snack-sized value with the high-quality proteins we’re known for and this is a winning proposition with our guests. We’re selling an average of several hundred per day, per restaurant, with our current one-day record at nearly 1,500 in a single day.” 

Success does leave clues and today price continues to drive frequency, customer adoption, and top line sales and bottom line profits. Visit: or Email: for information on how you can edify sales at your operation. 

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