Thursday, August 31, 2017

Facebook’s Mobile App is Pizza Paradise

Integrating technology and food marketing is second nature for technology companies the ilk of Facebook.  What is a surprise to most foodservice industry veterans is the rate of customer adoption of these new avenues of foodservice distribution according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.

Table service restaurants the ilk of TGI Fridays is letting customers pay the bill with Amazon accounts all the while US based pizza chain restaurants are in a every expanding battel for pizza  technology leadership. 

Restaurant industry competition is getting increasingly aggressive about technology, ever sector seemingly has enlist either Facebook or Amazon  in their race to make it easier for customers to order and pay for their food fast and seamlessly.
Recently TGI Fridays began letting customers pay their bill using their Amazon accounts. All the while the pizza sector  chains are locked in an escalating battle to adopt new ordering methods -- a contest that involves chat bots, voice-activated devices and social networks.
Brandon Rhoten, Papa John’s chief marketing officer, recently went so far as to declare itself an “e-commerce company” this month after delivering surprisingly strong results. “We’re much more close, I would argue, to Amazon than we are to a brick-and-mortar restaurant”.
When it seems as if Millennials the most coveted base of consumers for food marketers are living on their phones technology becomes even more important. The fact is 69% of consumer’s look-up restaurant locations, menus, and pricing at least once a month according to B. Hudson Reihle of the National Restaurant Association.
Papa John’s Rhoten noted that “An online ad, for instance, can be turned into an order with a few clicks. Most other restaurant chains are still figuring out how to get customers to do that”, ..It’s a “fundamental shift that most in the category haven’t taken advantage of,”
Papa John’s began accepting orders on Facebook in June, and the feature was an instant hit: Hundreds of orders flowed in during the first few hours. In all forms, digital orders now make up over 60 percent of Papa John’s sales. It must be noted that our own Grocerant Guru® was helping Cybermeals sign Papa John’s as the first national US chain restaurant to have online ordering.
Now both Domino’s and Pizza Hut, are experimenting with chat bots.  Chat bots are a platform that let users maker orders via Facebook Messenger and Twitter Inc.’s service. Through conversation, the bot finds out whether you want to order one of your favorites or see the latest deals. Shake Shack Inc. unveiled a similar chat-bot program in August as part of a push for more online orders.
TGI Fridays has become the first restaurant chain to let people pay with their Amazon accounts -- a new wrinkle in the convenience wars. Rather than fumbling with wallets and finding credit cards, customers use the Amazon app on their phones it’s fast familiar, and friendly.
One company still outshines all others when it comes to technology that company is Starbucks.  The Starbucks app has become so popular that it’s creating new traffic patterns. Customers bypass the registers and bunch up around the pickup area of cafes, creating slowdowns and hassles. The coffee giant has been working to fix the problem this year.
What’s next?  Voice-activated devices are the new frontier with Amazon and Google in a battle with new star-up solutions searching for a way to capture some attention.  Our own Grocerant Guru® believes that voice ordering of groceries, restaurant meals and anything Togo will become the new path to purchase.

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