Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pizza Inn Express Kiosk Extends the Brand

Pizza Inn is part of the Rave Restaurant Group and is attempting to revive and drive top line sales and bottom line profits at Pizza Inn expanding the brand via a kiosk into Convenience Stores, Airports and other non-traditional fresh food locations.  Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® thinks the team at Pizza Inn are on the right track.
Rave Restaurant Group knows pizza they also own Pie Five which opened its first airport earlier this year, has unveiled an express kiosk version of its Pizza Inn buffet concept for licensing in nontraditional locations like convenience stores.
Smaller footprint faster growth Pizza Inn Express, or PIE, kiosk will require between 50 and 100 square feet and be geared toward airports and entertainment venues as well according to the team at Rave. Scott Crane, Rave CEO stated  "This could be a game-changer for Pizza Inn as we tap into new markets and expansion opportunities for our flagship brand,”
Carne continued “We're already seeing great interest from existing and potential franchisees who see this model as a new way to serve customers the same iconic, quality pizza they have come to expect, but in a faster setting,”
As of the first quarter ended Sept. 24, Rave had 83 fast-casual Pie Five Pizza units and 159 domestic Pizza Inn restaurants. The company also had 60 international Pizza Inn units. Bob Bafundo, Pizza Inn president stated  “The PIE kiosk is attractive to nontraditional operators because it allows them to move quickly, be more nimble, and react to changes in customer traffic and facilities, all at a minimal investment,"
Bafundo  continued "It's a branded concept that's attractive enough to be the permanent centerpiece in a travel center or airport,”… “yet nimble enough to provide the same benefits traditional operators get from a food truck."
Going into 2018 doing more with less will be a success clue for many legacy restaurant brands according to Johnson.  Competing on quality, service, and price will once again separate the leaders from the pack. 

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