Thursday, October 21, 2010

Restaurant brand revitalization is an ongoing process.

Many restaurant brands have lost market share, top line sales and customers during the past several years. Without doubt those losses can be contributed to directly to executives taking their eye off the customer.

I know many of those executives and they would blame blah, blah and blah. They are wrong. They did not act properly, were not focused. There are restaurant chains with double digit growth over the past two years including entire foodservice sectors.

The convenience store sector on the other hand utilizing customer focused research, while taking a page from QSR’s and highlighting QSC (Quality Service Cleanliness) is garnering market share from the entire restaurant industry. Yes, posting double digit growth. The C-store sector is comprised of over 144,000 stores that’s not a fluke. Customer growth and success while building frequency and loyality.

Jean Fitzpatrick suggest that proper” positioning allows for segmentation optimization (targeting) of products or services and allows a business to communicate that it has distinguished itself” Jean understands that the customer is dynamic not static.

Tim Forest suggest that “Restaurant brands are assets and the consumer position piece can be used to great advantage! An associate took a Restaurateurs product, packaged it for retail, and placed it into one of the largest food retailers in the USA and is beating the socks off the leading national supermarket brand.”

Revitalization of any foodservice brand should include looking at new or non-traditional points of distribution. C-level executives that say we don’t do this or that are looking back not forward. The retail food consumer is on the move and it is about share of stomach not just market share.

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