Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Burger Kings consternation; consumer discontinuity

When consumer value food attributes change, brand protectionism must be dropped. National restaurant chains executives coddle a brands image. In an effort to “do no harm” protecting the brand becomes more important that letting the brand live.

In a world where information is exchanged in micro-sound bits, and mille-seconds national restaurant brands must accelerant the consumer relevance of the brand via LTO’s that are ground breaking while brand extending.

Building a successful consumer retail food brand today must included an interactive participatory consumer focus utilizing all aspects of your menu while leveraging technology within your operational strengths. Cultivating a brand is more important that managing a brand. Brands are dynamic not static, they develop and grow with the consumer. Identifying distinctive differentiated programs, positioning and consumable’s by day part that reflect the legacy of the brand, current industry trends, and contemporized consumer preferences.

Burger Kings consumer consternation is a direct result of brand protectionism. Simply put looking backward rather than looking forward. How McDonalds, cooks, wraps, serves and presents it food could not even be imagined 20 years ago. Moving a brand forward must be a vertically integrated process. It can’t be a single new process or new ad campaign.

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  1. "Brands are dynamic not static, they develop and grow with the consumer" very true.