Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Burger Brand Bingo

In the ever increasing battle for the consumer attention in the QSR burger space Andy’s Burgers
Shakes & Fries has changed its name to Highway 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries in order to grow.  This is not the first regional chain to try this.  Winerschnitzel converted stores to Hamburger Stands garnering a short term pop in sales then flat-lined.

Our question is: Are legacy hamburger chains the ilk of Burger King and Wendy’s franchisees ready to swap brand names?  Will a group of franchisee say enough is enough and simply revolt creating a new company or will they simply drop the current under-performer for say 5 guy’s,  Smashburger or Highway 55?

The ready-2-eat heat-N-eat hamburger niche consumer are on the move.  Legacy chains that are simply copy-cat companies pontificating brand protectionism are now on the ropes and being sued often by failing franchisee it appears the focus in not on food or the customer.

Given the similarity with the footprint it might be time for an aggressive regional to step up and out by offering “special deal” to existing operators of other brands too swap names.  Clearly some of the legacy hamburger operators without dynamic leadership are winding down.  Let me know who you think is prepared to step up and win the Burger Bingo Name Game.

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