Monday, February 6, 2012

Rutter's Farm Stores mix and match menu magic.

Talk about made to order food. When Rutter’s introduced its latest customer focused fresh prepared portable menu item, it empowered customer choice like few others ever have. While food personalization and customization are key to success in the grocerant niche Rutter’s just might be setting new records.

With Mac and Cheese consumers can customize each order up to 512 different ways. “Diners can choose from bacon, meatballs, hot dogs, sloppy joe, chili, steak or taco meat to add to their macaroni and cheese. In addition, any and all of Rutter's extra toppings are available to mix in, including sautéed onions, jalapeno peppers, black olives, marinara sauce and salsa.”

At Rutter’s fresh food is fast food as well.  Did you know that at Rutter’s:

·         Rutter's deli items are always made fresh in store.

·         Rutter's uses only the freshest ingredients and freshly made bread in all of our sandwiches.

·         You can customize any Rutter's deli item to your individual tastes.

·         Rutter's employees strive to "Take Four" - in other words, take 4 minutes or less to have any sandwich made your way.

"We pride ourselves on the depth of our menu offering, but we also love to give our customers lots and lots of choices," said Jerry Weiner, Rutter's vice president of foodservice. "We believe variety and the ability to make everything on our menu just the way they like it are what keeps them coming back."

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