Monday, February 20, 2012

Au Bon Pain urban café and caterer of ready-2-eat “better for you” food too national success.

Louie Kane new he wanted to build a restaurant chain that would become a national powerhouse built with a foundation of fresh food that was “better for you”. Today Au Bon Pain is about to see his dream come true.

While legacy publications continue to label Au Bon Pain a fast casual restaurant concept the truth of the matter is Au Bon Pain has been a leader in the Grocerant niche for the past 10+ years leading by breaking the rules. Filled with urban locations and focused on bundling meal options for offices clustered around existing locations. Au Bon Pain is the clear leader in restaurant chain catering of ready-2-eat fresh prepared food allowing for customer customization via meal period mix and match options.

Au Bon Pain while incorporating operational efficiencies and some technological consumer relevant glitz is doing many things right in the minds eye of the consumer. What the consumer is responding to however is the legacy of Louie Kane with continue fresh food that is “better for you” delicious and ready-2-eat. While the menu has evolved over the years mix and match fresh food options remain consumer relevant and focused on quality.

Catering culinary events, office party or a family meal Au Bon Pain is a grocerant niche player with a template that can reach coast to coast. Success does leave clues and Au Bon Pain is one of them.

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