Saturday, March 10, 2012

The NPD Group found Younger consumer say Less Scotch More Water at Restaurants.

In a study by The NPD Group on alcoholic beverages they found that “Only 36% of consumers ordered alcohol in casual and fine dining restaurants in the past three months, and alcoholic beverage sales in restaurants were down 1% for the year ending in November.…Most of the beverage alcohol servings losses came from younger consumers, ages 21 to 34, while those 35 and older increased their orders of alcoholic beverages. 

In a separate study The NPD Group found “Over the past five years, tap water has been one of the fastest growing beverages in American restaurants, representing 10% of the 50 billion beverage servings ordered In the last two years, tap water orders have increased 3.2%, and those for sodas, coffee and other beverages have dropped 3.6%.” 

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