Friday, April 20, 2012

Burger King must abandon brand protectionism, innovate not copy for growth.

Burger King’s food trucks elevate menu while creating much needed buzz sort of. U.S. restaurant industry same-store sales fell 0.2% in March, with guest traffic down 3.4%, partly due to rise in gas prices, according to new report by Black Box Intelligence. Wally Doolin Black Box Intelligence founder said, “The results for March were disappointing following 6 straight months of positive comparable sales growth”.

Burger King feeling the sales pinch as well is continuing to reach out to consumer trying to make up for ground lost to Wendy’s, Smashburger and Five Guy’s.  With a new copy-cat menu in hand Burger King is deploying 30 Burger King food trucks to 40 different U.S. cities in an effort to build consumer interest and media BUZZ.  Looks as if they are off to a good start, I’m talking about it.  But is that enough?  No.

With the $275,000 per store proposed remodel still pending franchise approval. The question is what sort of rebranded messaging can a legacy brand get for that amount?  Copy-cat menu items, a new paint job are not enough to revitalize a legacy brand.  Burger King must abandon brand protectionism, innovate not copy menu ideations in order to elevate the brand stimulate the consumer.  Want buzz look outside of the box.

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