Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mobile Food Marketing is growing fast. Is your food photo ready?

Facebook spent a billion dollars yesterday for a mobile photo company.  Within the grocerant niche of fresh prepared ready-2-eat and  heat-N-eat fresh prepared  food we see that Mobile Marketing can make a difference.  Dean Steinman CEO of TheMobileXperience.com has convinced me that, Mobile Marketing is not the future; it is the present. It’s here now, and it’s not going away. Here is how he started with me.
“Text Messages Demand Attention
Please answer this question: “If you get 50 texts, how many do you look at?” I’m guessing almost everyone answered the same way, “Every One.” Imagine: A marketing message almost guaranteed to be seen by everyone who gets it . Which is why Mobile marketing is poised to bring results that can dwarf other channels, times they have changed.
Email Received by Mobile Has Better Odds, Too
Do you get your emails on your cell phone? If so, chances are you will not look at those emails again when you get to your computer. Which means that, increasingly, marketers have one chance of getting the person who opens a Mobile email to take a call to action.
Every Email Needs Its Mobile Counterpart
If you are asking a message recipient to buy something, register for something, see a video, or get more information, that email must be Mobile ready. Unfortunately more than 90 percent of websites are not Mobile ready. So if you are having the end user click to your site from that email, you must now make sure they can get the same experience on their phone as they can from their computer.
Mobile Marketing Is Fresh
Are you getting lower and lower results from your email and direct mail campaigns? The reason probably is that you are reaching the same person over and over again, using the same methods. Now you can implement a Mobile component in your next campaign.
Instagram sold for 1 Billion dollars yesterday to Facebook.  Instagram allows users to upload photo’s to multiple site at one time.  Never has it been as important to have a clean, friendly well groomed operation.  More important is how your food looks!  It had better look great every time.
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