Thursday, February 6, 2014

McDonald’s and Walmart Digital Visceral Relevance Sells

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru during a recent presentation stated “digital visceral attractiveness equals contemporary consumer relevance.” In 2009 Walmart began installing and testing end-caps with video food product highlights drawing attention to what is down the aisle and promoting select branded products. Today in most every Walmart store you can find digital visceral signage except in the deli? Why?
McDonald’s constantly evolving has been testing digital signage.  Looking for new ways to “increase foot traffic, communicate broader menu options and boost average customer spends, hundreds of U.K. according to The Linney Group.
Finding initial success the digital signage test  continues to grow in scope. The McDonald’s U.K. digital signage displays have as reported provided a sales lift by as much as 11 percent on some items featured, while lifting average transactions amounts according to the case study by ComQi.
McDonald's U.K. also looked at digital signage options for behind the counter, specifically “at horizontal rows of menu displays. With a larger, increasingly diverse menu, the chain saw digital menu boards as a way to increase promotions of premium, higher-margin items without adding more static signage.”
According to ComQi the data coming back from the field suggested the digital displays had a positive impact on sales figures. The testing was done against a set of control sites with similar size, footfall, customer profile and sales figures, to get a clean read on the impact of digital in the stores, the case study said. The results indicated that content on screen positively affected purchase patterns.
McDonald’s and Walmart both understand that foodservice visceral attractiveness equals contemporary consumer relevance in all retail channels. Consumers are connected at home, at work and in the car they are viscerally alert, don’t keep them in the dark.

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