Monday, May 4, 2015

McDonald’s New Packaging Sets Standard

Don’t ever discount the value of innovation or leadership in the food sector.  McDonald’s does more than just copy-cat product, packaging, and pricing.  Success does leave clues and at McDonald’s with a focus on the customer implementing Build, Measure, Learn, and Repeat leads to groundbreaking innovation.

Check out this innovative paper bag that once only served as a food carrier is now equipped with a cardboard tray.

So with one simple tearing movement by the perforation at the bottom of the bag, it can be separated from the upper part and then we can enjoy our meal in the usual manner, on a tray. 

Foodservice Solutions® 5 P’s of Food Marketing calls for the vertical integration of Product, Packaging, Placement, Portability, and Price.  This one product artfully incorporates all of Foodservice Solutions®
5 P’s of Food Marketing! 

McDonald’s our Grocerant Guru™  proudly salute’s you!

Check out “McDonald’s BagTray” by DDB Budapest on Vimeo.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at

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