Friday, May 15, 2015

Pizza is Hand Held Food Fresh and Fast

There is seemingly one universal commonality in the food sector.  That is Pizza is the automatic alternative to cooking dinner in most households. Pizza is everywhere and growing locations, in quality of offerings, and speed of service according to Foodservice Solutions® team. 

Now  A1 concepts a kiosk manufacturer has created a new pizza kiosk which will allow consumers to purchase a fresh pizza on the spot. Yes, that means Right Here Right Now. 

A1 concepts has been around since 2012   they are  preparing to release its newest model of pizza kiosks, called NXT Pizza, which will be unveiled at the NAMA One show in Las Vegas.

"The brand name of our pizza kiosks is NXT pizza, the next generation pizzas. Available 24/7 at locations with lots of foot traffic like airports and malls," A1 Concepts CEO Ronald Rammers said in an email.  
"After choosing one of the four pizza flavors, the pizza kiosk makes an authentic fresh dough from water and flour," Rammers said. "Imagine, the customer can see this with their own eyes so they know their pizza is fresh."

The customer will not be bored waiting for the pizza to finish, “the kiosk provides information on the screen about the process as well as a variety of entertainment ,so there is also entertainment like previews of the latest movies, the customer can watch as the pizza cooks  Rammers said.

"Each pizza kiosk is offering four different pizza flavors. One flavor is the same all over the world and is a recognizable cheese pizza (Margarita) two other flavors are picked out with the local master distributor of a country and are in the style of pepperoni pizza’s but can also be defined," Rammers said.

 Each pizza is 10.63 inches in diameter and is served with thin Italian crust. They also are served with a variety of ingredients. Customers can choose from several cheeses and toppings including mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, vegetables and herbs.

"Simple is the keyword to the success of the NXT pizza kiosks," Rammers said. "Different payment systems are available including contactless payments and debit/credit cards. Each and every payment system is available globally."

It should be noted that Rammers also mentioned that the pizzas are never touched during the cooking process. The process is designed to follow all health and safety protocols.

One of the key goals of A1 Concepts is to allow customers to order pizzas from anywhere. For example, A1 Concepts plans to have its kiosks available in hotels, retailers, hospitals, universities, resorts and from home. "There is an option to get your pizza delivered at home!" Rammers said. "Just go online and find a delivery point in your own area. After placing your order, the pizza will be delivered."

"The strong concept of all our food solutions offered by A1 Concepts is fresh and never frozen," Rammers said. "It is the next generation for those who are seeking for quality and convenience."
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