Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arby’s Price Value Drives Success

When you have a consumer focused price driven new product / LTO that records sales of 29 million units in September alone, positive results are sure to follow.  In the case of Arby’s that is just what happened. In fact Arby’s Restaurant Groups same-store sales rose 8.1 percent in 2015.  That by the way was the best performance for Arby’s in more than 20 years. 

Arby’s,” CEO Paul Brown stated “We are particularly pleased with our significant increase in guest traffic throughout the year.” Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® insist that “the lingering effects of the great recession combined with Wall Street / Stock Market volatility have elevated consumers focus on the food price, service, and value equilibrium.” 

In 2016 Price has become a barrier in retail foodservice according to Foodservice Solutions® team. Arby’s sliders were perfectly perceived, positioned and placed to drive maximum consumer adoption while expanding Arby’s brand value.

Consumers have re-established new a price, value, service equilibrium which our team unveiled in late 2015 after following the undercurrents of consumer consumption patterns evolving.

Here is Foodservice Solutions® New Price, Value, and Service Equilibrium Formula:

(Mobile Access + Digital Payment +Delivery) X (Price + Food Quality + Speed) = Value

 Incremental Value:  Constantly Changing Menu (Seasonally / Sustainability with Creditability).

Arby’s with system wide sales of $3.5 billion have grown sales now for 21 straight quarters, and increased 13.8 percent on a two-year basis those percentages were the highest in two decades. That is a clear success clue.
Brown went on to say in a prepared statement, “We have unlocked a powerful recipe for success, which is resonating with our guests, and our strategy will continue unchanged in 2016 as we look for opportunities to outpace our competition.”  Success does leave clues and in 2016 price is still a key drive of traffic and incremental sales. 

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