Monday, August 8, 2016

Green Zebra Grocery Is Healthy Convenience

Green Zebra Grocery is not stuck in the middle, trapped in a footprint only someone on a leisurely Sunday stroll could enjoy, nor is the focus on legacy CPG brands.  Green Zebra Grocery is fresh food fast that elevates Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food to a new industry standard according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®
Who said grocery stores could not be inviting, a convenient place to shop, or filled with local fresh food and beverages that empower choice?  Not Lisa Sedlar, CEO of Green Zebra Grocery for she has not only created just that.  Sedlar is driving impressive customer adoption for a new format store while creating a platform that is top line sales, bottom line profits that just might prove disruptive to many legacy retailers.

Uniquely positioned within the grocerant niche Green Zebra Grocery is focused on fresh and healthy prepared foods. Each store is filled with made-from-scratch foods, fresh produce and extensive local beer and wine selection. Sedlar stated that Green Zebra Grocery is a small Grocery Store.

With only about 200 SKU’s of produce Green Zebra does about 11% total sales in produce. However with a focus on grocerant niche fresh prepared food sales grab-N-go  Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat food it allows consumer to get in and out of the store quickly within 5-10 minutes according to Sedlar . Grab-and-go items are available via a coffee bar, salad bar and prepared meal food bar.

Sedlar while talking about the second Green Zebra Grocery to open stated “The Lloyd District store sees 70% of its sales between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. “We just get slammed at lunch. There are hundreds of people coming in. Our No. 1 seller for this store is our custom-made sandwiches,…. The No. 2 best-selling item is the hot bar, with the salad bar coming in at No. 3. “It shows that people are wanting this healthy convenience,”

Bigger is not always better.  In the case of Green Zebra Grocery ‘better for you’, fresh and fast Ready-2-Eat and Heat-n-Eat grab-N-go food is proving to be the platform that consumers prefer. Green Zebra is focusing on tomorrow’s customers today as they just launched a catering program, which will be available at all stores.

Seldar stated “We’re really focused on that lunchtime business and catering trays and boxed lunches, so we have fruit trays, cheese trays and charceuterie trays,” Seldar continue  The catering business is expected to add 2% to Green Zebra’s top-line revenue over 2016 and grow to more than 5% over the next two years.

Success does leave clues and Green Zebra Grocery has picked up all the right customer focused clues and is positioned for aggressive expansion, which will take its business from the two locations currently open to 20 stores by 2020.

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