Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pizza Technology Takes Center Stage

As a graduate of two Jesuit Universities myself I was not surprised when I read that Xavier University located in Cincinnati was the first to install a college students dream machine an automated robotic pizza machine.  The old saying if the Jesuits get you for four years they have you for life must have been updated to they get you with pizza 24/7 why leave!
Technology has found another way to expand the offering of fresh prepared food that is Ready-2-Eat with less labor.  In fact a restaurant robot / machine opened on the Cincinnati university campus a pizza "ATM"  as it was reported in the press is stocked with 70 pizzas waiting to be cooked and dispensed in three minutes each.
The machine ‘ATM’ “features 12-inch pies assembled by hand by the dining hall staff of Xavier University. Each pizza maker was trained for 40 hours by a French chef to make the pies. …The pizzas will sell for between $9 and $10, and the university expects to sell 300 a day” according to the press.
Here is where you have to love the machine not only replace the cook but the food marketer as well.  The pie count will be monitored in real time, and the ATM will offer discounts if the pizza isn't moving. If success does leave clues one clue for sure is college students love pizza.  We think that this machine just might take the Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat grocerant niche to the next level.
Note: Xavier holds exclusive rights to the devices in North America, requiring other interested parties to train and obtain certification from the school. The supplier is a French company.

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