Friday, September 16, 2016

Domino’s Pizza Hand Held Click, Tap, Track Success

Gone are the days firing up your computer for On-line ordering of pizza when all you had to do was point, click, wait, and eat.  In a world filled with time starved consumers America’s favorite hand held food pizza is not just a Click, Tap, and Track away.  Domino’s Pizza is integrating hand held marketing into the mix and it is going to be a sure winner according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson.
Domino's Pizza continues to expand ordering options to save consumer time.  This time they can use via Facebook Messenger, using bot technology right from their smart phones. “Domino’s customers who have a Pizza Profile can place their most recent order or Easy Order via Messenger. The same Domino’s in-house team that brought U.S. customers zero-click ordering, as well as ordering via Amazon Echo and Apple Watch, also developed Domino’s new ordering bot.”
Dennis Maloney, Domino’s vice president chief digital officer stated “We know that customers spend a great deal of time messaging, so we knew the next place we needed to add ordering was via Messenger,” …Messenger allows customers to order conversationally with the help of Domino’s bot. We hope this new option will continue to make ordering as simple and as convenient as possible.”
Domino’s customers can place or track an order by clicking the message button on Domino’s Facebook page or by searching for “Domino’s” within Messenger. This will send customers to an ordering welcome screen. From there, customers can use a pizza emoji to start their Easy Order, or tap “Recent Order,” “Easy Order,” or “Track,” to begin.
Click, Tap, Track Domino’s continue to integrate customer relevant technology with branded messaging that extends Domino’s brand value while driving top line sale and bottom line profits.  If success leaves clues and it does.  Domino’s Facebook Messenger is a clue worth tracking.
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