Sunday, September 18, 2016

QuikTrip Instagram Worthy Food Drives Sales

When the customer moves the retailer must move with them or risk losing top line sales and bottom line profits according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®.  QuikTrip is a company that is evolving with consumers and doing it with consumer relevant Fresh Food.

During the 2016 NAG Conference Nick Powell, corporate chef at QuikTrip since 2009, who has helped shape the company’s foodservice from a single chef and one category manager to the foodservice team and full research and development process it is today provided a look at what it took to evolve into a fresh food with customer relevance company.
Powell stated “When I started we had no kitchens, so everything had to be prepared off site and was still in a sealed package. About 10 years ago we started building commissary kitchens and bakeries to fresh deliver food to stores every day,”

Powell continued explaining that the QT store environment and experience and strategies used to connect with the customer for relevance. …”Today, QT is making food that is ‘Instagram worthy’ because customers want to share their food on social platforms in 2016. “You think you know your customer, but do you? How many different ways can you find to interact with and get feedback from customers at all scales? Get out there and talk to them,”
Powell also elaborated on the difficulties driving foodservice sales in today’s environment from competition to food delivery services to food waste and sustainability. “We have to be better than quick-service restaurant (QSR) food at the same price.

The ability of QuikTrip to understand and grow with the consumer understanding the importance of platforms the ilk of Instagram edifies the QuikTrip brand with consumers while elevating food quality to meet the visceral demands of consumers and new avenues of marketing communication.

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