Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top of the Holiday weekend to you! Today is Whole foods New York City; Tribeca. This is my East Coast weekend, eating across the country. When it comes to visceral attractiveness this store has it! They have done a great job! I must admit part of the attractiveness comes from seeing all of the interaction of the customers! The place is packed, but it is New York! I want to focus on the labor metrics! Many grocery stores Deli’s or prepared sections forget about customer service. The individual customer and worry only about “basket size”. I am sure the density of New York and many other urban stores have a greater focus on individual customer that those in the burbs. (where I live). The key that is important is resetting that labor metrics to focus on food, customers and develop a new level of service. Not a labor metrics that is based on the 70’s 7 80’s and focus in on rushing people down the line and not one that solid customer service. This is a great store with outstanding food presentation! Whole foods gets it! Now on to a baseball game and the Theater! I hope you enjoy your holiday, I am trying!

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