Monday, May 25, 2009

Wow, what a weekend, I might have tried to do a little too much. The trip is a success; I liked what I saw at Shaw’s and was invigorated for this niche at Whole Food in Tribeca. The New York double header (Day Baseball – Night Theater) might have worn me an out a bit. However, now on my way home it the consumer interaction with ready to eat product is so invigorating I know I am onto something. That is why I am blogging. It’s about the consumer. First when the food is presented and looks appealing and is aromatic in the store; what is not to like. I have more questions now than before. Why can’t companies like Kroger and Safeway focus on the food, interact with the consumer and stir the senses like restaurateurs do? What is holding them back? It is not margins? Ready to eat foods have some of the highest margins in the store! Is it the legacy internal systems? I took pictures of each store however the connection to my laptop would not allow me to download them? It keeps reading software error. I will post the picture on Tuesday after I get to the office. Enjoy your weekend, for I will sleep on the plane home!

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