Monday, May 18, 2009

Why do consumers want To-Go Fresh.

When I asked about; trying to understand why consumers are flocking to grocery store hot food and restaurant TO-go Food?

I received an interesting comment from Carolina Villascea: It's a question of ROI really. As a consumer, do I prefer to spend my time cooking from scratch leaving less time for family/friends/activities or would I prefer to have the grocery store/restaurant cook from scratch for me?

Where is my best investment of time? Factor in longer working days, longer commutes and that people are becoming very aware of the unhealthy amount of sodium and fat in frozen foods and you may have your answer.

I do believe that there is an underlining change in how consumers see value. In Grocery Stores, C-stores, and restaurants. That value is being determined by a new set of metrics. Included it those is HEALTH -QUALITY, PRICE, SPEED OF SERVICE (TIME) AND APPERAANCE OF THE FOOD. Overriding all of the issues is where the consumer can consume the food. Consumer are on the run, they don’t have time for a full service sit down restaurant. Today grocery stores and supermarkets are winning.

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  1. Just found your blog via LinkedIn. I'm bookmarking it because I can see you're going to have some interesting thoughts on the food industry.

    I think you're right that consumers are changing their eating habits. The idea of prepared food eaten at home is growing. Restaurant chains like Apple Bees and Outback Steakhouse recognized that and have been working on their take out for a while.

    Of course now money is getting more tight and the value of meals that a grocery store offers are picking up.

    It's definitely and interesting time that restaurant owners are finding themselves in and I know several that are working at finding ways to compete in this market.