Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top of the day to you!
BYOB bring your own bag the next time you go to a Grocerant. World wide this recycling ideation is picking up steam in 2002, Ireland passed a tax on plastic bags. Here on the West Coast San Francisco, Seattle Los Angeles, and Portland have or may impose a tax soon. In Canada a fee on bags is in place and the proceeds from the charge on plastic shopping bags will be used to support WWF Canada’s conservation efforts. Most notable is the fact that since the fee began this year a reduction in excess of 66% has been see at Superstores parent Loblaw. In Ireland after an advertising awareness campaign this began to happen; the result noted a 94 percent drop in use of plastic bags. They have been replaced by reusable cloth bags. If your in the Restaurant business, Grocery, Convenience Store or Dollar Stores ready to eat or ready to heat grocerant sector recycled cloth bags might just be something to look at. Globally the consumer is obviously very receptive, don’t fight a strong trend, and remember the trend is your FRIEND!

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