Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is no Turkey, it is a legacy Brand.

The successful run of iconic Gourmet magazine is in this last throws. The announcement that it is going to be ending publication came to many of a certain age as a surprise. It has changed over the years, from my perspective it continue to get better. The editors understood the food consumer, with tested recopies for two! Bundled meal parings and Photo’s that made you want to cook!

Those of us of that certain age also loved and still love to drive US Highway 101 along the West Coast viewing the water, this hills all the while enjoying the great outdoors. Yet, we also love the interstate Highway system. Gourmet is a foodie’s paradise, a foodie is one who has time to cook and even more time to enjoy each meal. There is a new highway for the employees of Gourmet it is the internet, it is an avenue of distribution inching closer and closer to the customer. I am confident that all of the employees of Gourmet will find a place on the new highway. I for one will welcome them when they do.

What is your food brand doing to ensure your inching closer and closer to the consumer? For more or contact information use these links: or

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  1. Hey, I loved the mag without Mckinsey. That firm has a tendency to reduce maturity to demensia.
    And that's what they did. Goodbye yellow brick road. 101 or not.