Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Performance, Take-Out food can be found at Mariano's Fresh Market

Phil Romano a legendary restaurateur whose success was built with restaurant concepts that were both interactive and participatory for the consumer would love the new Chicago, Roundy’s Supermarkets Mariano’s Fresh Market. Highlighting grocerant fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food Mariano’s Fresh Market hits the mark.

Bob Mariano, chairman and CEO of Roundy's Supermarkets Inc., speaking about the new store at Northwest Highway near Kensington Road in Chicago “Customers may be ready some days to prepare everything from scratch," he said. "Other times they want to assemble lunch or get something already done for them. That's the lifestyle of our customer base. It could be the same person doing different things different parts of the week."

Grocerant ready to eat food can be found just inside the front door fresh coffee, gelato and fried dough stand, the you will find brick oven for thin-crust or oven-baked pizza and a sushi bar.

The fish department staff can provide information on the type and freshness of each fish but the nice part is customers can have their catch steamed or grilled in the store. Now that is interactive and participatory.

Bob Mariano is a consummate merchant; his success is based on understanding the food consumer’s price value equilibrium. He stated "We price it to sell. It does us no good to put fresh product out here and throw it away. Customers will find that the prices will be quite competitive."

The Grocerant niche continues to grow. Success does leave clues and let me say thank you Phil Romano for introducing this niche to me O....’so many years ago! You have contributed to my success and so many others! Most importantly I am sure retail food consumer thank you!

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