Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The evolution of innovation in foodservice 2010 continues.

Differentiation does not mean different in retail foodservice it means familiar. In order for innovation to be successful in 2010 it requires interactive consumer participation. That can come in any number of forms. Let me know which will work the best, here are three examples.

Subway formed a marketing alliance with PlayStation. The Promo is called” Fiery Footlong Frenzy Fueled by PlayStation, will feature Subway's spiciest sandwiches to date -- dubbed Fiery Footlong subs--– including the spicy New Turkey Jalapeno Melt and the back-by-popular-demand Buffalo Chicken. When they purchase a 32-ounce drink, diners will have the chance to win a wide variety of PlayStation prizes, including the highly anticipated PlayStation Move motion controller, before they become available for purchase in stores in September”

Carl’s Jr. is introducing a “Philly Cheesesteak Burger, a meat-on-meat offering of thinly sliced steak on top of a charbroiled burger patty, finished off with peppers, onions, Swiss and American cheeses, and mayonnaise on a seeded bun.”

Burger King is teaming with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). “WWE Superstars Triple H, John Cena and Undertaker will be featured on more than 5 million exclusive Superstar plush toys inside BK Kids Meals. A new Superstar plush toy will be available each week during the three-week promotion, and will play the stars' individual catch phrases or entrance music. The Superstars will also appear on BK Kids Meal packaging along with merchandise displays at participating restaurants.”

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