Friday, December 9, 2011

Online grocery food orders for Christmas will set record sales in 2011, thanks Amazon Fresh

December is the single busiest month for Great Britain’s supermarket food delivery business.  Most companies have been accepting “pre-orders” for Christmas deliver for weeks.  At Waitrose alone they have “Fifteen miles of conveyor belts, 3.7 million packets of stuffing and thousands of 'pickers'” for food most is ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh and prepared food.

At Tesco, they began accepting orders for deliver Christmas week in October.  Sainsbury's is much the same story. Here are some numbers this year in London alone they expect delivery of “40,000 Christmas puddings, more than a million mince pies and 35 million calories worth of brandy butter zipping around the country”. In the US the “dotcom” grocery business went.  However look at these numbers, it will be back.

"At Tesco, the figures are even more eye-watering. Over the next few weeks, it expects to sell a staggering (and slightly nauseating) 2,200 tons of turkey, 3,200 tons of sprouts and 3.7 million packets of sausage meat and stuffing. Chocolate coins? Two million packs. Clementines? One million nets. Given that last year saw roughly £45m worth of its business being done online, that adds up to an awful lot of food flying through cyberspace. It sees party food – cakes, platters, meat selections – increase by more than 1,000 per cent…’

The online Christmas boom is big business for food retailers. Amazon Fresh is in the middle of the mix.  I don’t think that with the smashing success of food delivery in Great Britain that the US will let the “dotcom” bust garner any dust.  Food Delivery is back.

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