Saturday, December 3, 2011

Subway Café’s interactive, participatory success!

Eat, Drink, chat via Wi-Fi or simply watch TV, Subway Café is a platform for additional growth both in new units and top line sales.  With a focus on the highly profitably beverage sector, you can grab-N-go, order-in and chat or catch the latest new on TV.  Seasonally attuned they have espresso drinks, lattes and frozen blended beverages now or for summer.
The SUBWAY® Café concept, which is still in a test stage, now with about 22 units open is proving to be a hit with customers and franchisee’s.  The largest difference is the “ambiance” OK you get it.  It’s an upscale comfortable place with the same consumer driven sandwich menu with a coffeehouse look and feel.  Simply put this place is comfortable.   

Here at Foodservice Solutions® we say differentiation is different it is familiar with a twist.  Subway Café is just that.  There is no wonder that franchisees are clamoring to either upgrade or open a Café. Success leaves clues and Subway has been developing this concept for many years.  It looks as if it is now ready to roll.  Filled with familiar ready-2-eat grocerant niche food Subway is doing things right.  

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