Monday, June 18, 2012

The evolving food consumer thinks less cooking is better.

Consumers today are less interested in cooking from scratch.  The goal of most consumers is to prepare a meal utilizing ready-2-eat or heat-N-eat meal components.  Specifically bundling a meal of family favorites in a mix and match fashion.  The components can come from a restaurant, grocery stores or dollar stores it’s a well-researched and established niche called the grocerant niche.

Restaurants need to show an ever increasing amount of flexibility in meal bundling, meal component offerings and LTO options. Consumer desire to mix and match component s creating personalized meals will rule the day. However those options/substitutions should be limited to existing offerings only.

Grocery stores need to offer and ever increasing number of fresh prepared meals bundled to-go or for take-away.  The ability of consumer to select entrée’s, side orders, deserts and beverages from a limited number but rotating offerings is key to building customer frequency.

Dollar stores will continue to increase fresh food offering first with more and more produce, dairy and breads. Increasingly we will see more and more individual meal component offerings both branded and private label at Dollar stores.

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